Blue Print Take Offs

Bring in your plans and let our Building Department experts dissect them and tell you exactly how much and what lumber you will need to complete your project!

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening

We offer Chainsaw Chain Sharpening. Bring in your old chains and have them sharpened in 1-2 Business days!

  • Bring in your Chain taken off the saw: $9.00
  • Bring in your Chainsaw and we take it off: $12.00

Glass & Plexi-Glass Cutting

We carry stock sizes of both plexi-glass and traditional sheet glass. We can cut the glass to any size pieces, custom to fit your job. Come in and ask for the Millshop!

Key Cutting

We can cut both 1-Sided (Household) and 2-Sided (Automotive) Keys! We are able to make just about every key, currently on the market, for both your household and automobiles.

Transponder Keys: A Transponder key is a micro chipped key that comes with newer model vehicles to prevent unauthorized starting of the vehicle. Only keys with the car specific chip will work to turn over the engine. We are capable of cutting and programming "chipped" keys right here on site! Not Sure if Your Car Key Is "Chipped"? Bring it in, We will let you know for free!


Pool Water Testing

We Offer FREE Pool Water Testing!

Bring in:

  • -12 oz. or Larger Sample of Water
  • -Dimensions of Pool
  • -Temperature of Water

The Software will tell you exactly how much and what to add to your pool to make it safe and clean.


Propane Filling

We can fill any size propane tank, from 10lbs to 100lbs. Tanks MUST be less than 12 Years Old in Order to Fill Them! Date is Located on the outside of the collar on the top of the tank.

We also sell empty tanks and can fill them at a discounted price for the first fill. We can also dispose of your expired propane tank for a small fee.



Bring in your old Screen windows or doors and allow us the opportunity to make them look like new with new screens!

Have a Dog? We can reinforce your screen with thicker metal to reduce the likelihood of a dog escaping or damaging the screen.

The custom Millshop will be able to fix just about any screen you bring in!


Schlage Lockset Re-Keying

We are able to re-key Schlage lock-sets so they are keyed alike.

We all have way to many keys nowadays, so why not reduce the number of them by having your new Schlage lock set re-keyed? It can usually be done within one day.


UPS Shipping

We Ship Via UPS!

Bring in your packages with a Prepaid label before 4 PM and the Package will most likely leave the same day! We can also produce a shipping label for you to affix to your box and ship right from us.